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From planting a native hedge to commissioning a biodiversity data search of the area, Bentley Wildlife has initiated several projects in recent years – with more to come

Wildlife hedge

In 2020 Bentley Wildlife successfully applied for 420 saplings to create a ‘wildlife corridor’ on Bentley Recreation Ground.

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Bentley B-Lines

Part of a nationwide scheme to create a network across the UK for pollinators, this project was launched in 2023.

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Swift boxes

With swifts on the Birds of Conservation Concern red list it’s important to provide habitat for them in and around the village. We’ve been putting up swift boxes and can help you do too.

Bentley Parish Biodiversity “Bible”

Data from Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre exploring the Parish of Bentley.

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NEW PROJECT: Would you like to enjoy a monthly social walk around the area, while recording sightings of bees?

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